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Are you ready to define your
path in Surgery?  

Do you ever wonder how well you fit the mold of surgery?  

Are you ready to define your own path in Surgery? 


As a dedicated surgeon, you've invested years in mastering your craft -

from the demanding days of residency to establishing yourself in a fiercely competitive field.

Maybe you felt like you're following a script written by others,

One that defines sacrifice and compromise as the keys to success?

Or perhaps you tell yourself that advocating for your needs is selfish or

Prioritizing your happiness is a luxury you cannot afford?

Deep down, you know it could be something different.

Something more.

Where do you begin?

Welcome to The Surgeon's Lounge

A community for women surgeons who are ready to unapologetically

take control and design their future.

In The Surgeon’s Lounge,

We challenge the myth that professional excellence must come at the

cost of personal satisfaction.

Join us on a journey with a community of peers who

understand the uniqueness of your experience.

Together, we guide you as celebrate the foundational elements that make you YOU,

Take control of your life and define success on your terms.

It's time to rewrite the narrative!

It’s time to embrace the idea that you can have both a thriving career

and a fulfilling life outside the operating room.

Are you ready? 

Mindy H.

General Surgeon and The Surgeon's Lounge Member

"Belonging to a community of female surgeons who share in similar life and career challenges makes the experience less lonely."
Opening Door to Home Office

Now Accepting Members for our Next Cohort 

Join now to get the most out of our spring programming including Members only seminars and conversations

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