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The Resident's Corner 

Is The Resident's Corner for all residents?  

The Resident Corner was created for self-identified women surgery residents, including fellows and research residents, to have a safe community to practice professional development skills, grow confidence and share experiences.   

When does The Resident's Corner meet?  

The Resident Corner will meet monthly via Zoom.  Our 2024 cohort will meet monthly throughout the year. 


All sessions are held on Sundays to maximize your chance to attend from  4-5:30 pm EST 

What topics will be covered?  

Each month, members will receive an on-line module with a specific focus in professional development.  It might be identifying your values, or maybe sharing your strengths, managing emotions, or creating a vision. 


A video and resources will be shared following our monthly meeting. You will have a month to complete the on-line module and do your work on the topic - the more you do - the more you will benefit.  

At the end of the month, we will meet via zoom to put the work into practice.  This will be a facilitated discussion, with experienced coaches guiding you through the topic and how to apply it in your own life.   

What if I miss a session?  

As surgeons, we get that this happens.  If you miss a session you can watch the skill building portion via video each week.  For your privacy and confidentiality, the conversations before and after will not be available.

How much time should I expect to spend outside of the group time? 

As with any coaching, the more you put into the program, the more you will benefit.  We expect that members will invest approximately one to two hours between sessions to reflect, integrate learning, and prepare for the next session  

Can I feel comfortable sharing in The Surgeon's Lounge? 

Las Vegas Rules. What happens in the Surgeon’s Lounge stays in the Surgeon’s Lounge.  We get that surgery is a small world.  We also understand that your colleagues may need to bring up issues related to their work, and that you may know someone who is discussed.   In order to build this community and preserve confidentiality, all members are asked to keep everything shared in The Surgeon's Lounge confidential.  

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