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Go ahead - Take a Seat

A new Cohort is starting spring 2024

The Surgeon’s Lounge is the best of both worlds – a personal experience of discovery contained within a supportive group that shares your challenges and celebrates your successes.

Begin your year-long membership with a 4 hour intensive program designed to help you define your values, reflect on your history and meet the cohort of women surgeons who will guide you through our program.   


Over the next three months and 6 group coaching sessions you will define your needs, rid yourself of the "oughts" and "shoulds" figure our your next steps toward the career and life you desire.

Each session is a dynamic blend of curated content, reflective exercises, discussions and group coaching, providing the tools and support to unlock your full potential. With two personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, this program enables you to get what you truly need to thrive. By the program's end, you'll stand assured in your journey, armed with the knowledge and confidence to conquer any obstacle.

Members enjoy additional monthly workshops and talks by special guests who are expert surgeons, coaches and leaders, adding continuous value to your membership experience.


So take your seat in The Surgeon’s Lounge today, a haven where you can engage in meaningful conversations and find professional support to thrive.

Our Transformative Process

Join The Surgeon's Lounge and become empowered through a supportive community, gaining fresh perspectives and a new narrative to sculpt a fulfilling life and career with confidence and choice.

Susan T, Surgeon 

"As I entered The Surgeon's Lounge, I felt a unique connection to the women surgeons here, which was different from physician coaching programs that I have done in the past.”
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