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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Surgeon's Lounge for everyone?  

The Surgeon's Lounge is for women surgeons  who have developed their practice and are now looking to better define their direction forward.  

When does The Surgeon's Lounge meet?  

Our Spring Kick off will be May 18th 9am -1pm EST

Biweekly sessions Start May 30th 

And run through August 8th 

Thursday nights from 7:30 EST to 9pm 

 Join now to reserve your spot in our Spring Cohort.

What topics will be covered?  

What should I expect from the Surgeon's Lounge?

What if I miss a session?  

How much time should I expect to spend outside of the group time? 

Can I feel comfortable sharing in The Surgeon's Lounge? 

Our 4 step process starts with the intensive session


Step 1: Know Yourself

Step 2: Understand Your Needs

Step 3: What is in Your Way 

Step 4: The Plan for the Future 

Although the exact content will vary from cohort to cohort, plan to spend time evaluating your values, setting a direction and intention for moving forward.  Creating a community within the group is also vitally important - plan to make friends for life.  

Here's a sample of our curriculum 

      Building Community – Fostering Connections & Self-Discovery

      Values – Uncovering the Foundations of Our Beliefs

      Needs – Pinpointing the Forces Behind Our Behaviors

      Emotions – Working for Us, not Against Us

      Choices – Embracing Intentionality Over Reactivity

      Wheel of Life – A Comprehensive Life Assessment

      Letter from Future Self – Gaining Insights from Inner Wisdom

      Commitments – Moving Towards an Inspired Future

There are videos and instructional materials provided in advance of each session. We kick off each week with a group check in that is followed by facilitated discussion of the week's topic. All participants participate in group coaching and support one another as peers.

In addition, all members receive two 1:1 coaching session with our experienced coaches.

All members also receive full access to special guest speakers, coffees and conversations, and members only workshops for a full year. 

As surgeons, we get that this happens. You'll have access to the content. However, for privacy and confidentiality, the sessions are not recorded. 

As with any coaching, the more you put into the program, the more you will benefit.  We expect that members will invest approximately one to two hours between sessions to reflect, integrate learning, and prepare for the next session.

Vegas Rules. What happens in the Surgeon’s Lounge stays in the Surgeon’s Lounge. Surgery is a small world, and you and your colleagues may need to bring up issues that involve mutual acquaintances. All members are asked to keep everything shared in The Surgeon's Lounge confidential.  

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